Support for Windows Vista ends

According to a report on the support section of Microsoft’s website, as of 11th April 2017, support for Windows Vista finally ends after 10 years. This means that users of Windows Vista will no longer receive security updates and patches, bug fixes or any form of support for Vista from Microsoft.

Microsoft Security Essentials is also no longer available for download on Windows Vista and those with Microsoft Security Essentials already installed will only receive antimalware signature updates for a limited period.

What does this mean for your Windows Vista PC?

Your PC will still work, but you will be more vulnerable to security threats and malware. Even if you are running third party antimalware/antivirus software, you are still exposed to threats as such software only functions correctly on PCs with the latest security updates. In addition, as manufacturers develop and optimise software and hardware for newer versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter further issues with devices and software if you continue running Windows Vista.

Still using Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista?

IE9 is no longer supported, so if you are connecting to the internet using IE9 on Vista, you are incredibly vulnerable to potential security threats.


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