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Home Support Contracts

Does your home computer give you problems? Or do you just need a bit of help and advice with it from time to time? We know how frustrating it can be when your computer doesn’t do what you want it to… from the kids’ homework, to booking a holiday, it can really set you back […]


How to spot spam/ phishing emails

If you’re lucky, your email server has probably become fairly good at spotting spam emails. But sometimes you’ll still see the odd suspicious email arriving in your inbox. So how can you tell if an email is real or not?   Look at the email address. Has this person ever emailed you before? If the […]


Backups: why, how and what should you be backing up?

Do you backup your stuff? No…? Or maybe you only backup your photos? Well maybe you should reconsider… Why should you bother with backups? Backups protect you from data loss in the event of software or hardware failure on your computer. If things are backed up, it’s really easy for you (or your friendly IT […]


Our 5 Point Computer Health Check

We know how frustrating it is when your computer lets you down. Whether it’s used for work, homework, photos, shopping or just websurfing; we all rely on our computers. That’s why we’ve come up with our 5 Point Computer Health Check – our technicians will ensure that your computer is fighting fit and up to […]

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Do I really need antivirus on my computer?

You’ll often hear people in the computing world talking about antivirus and how important it is to have. But I bet you’ve always presumed that what you do on your computer isn’t important enough to need antivirus… In fact, every single computer and internet user needs to have some antivirus protection – regardless of what […]